March 20, 2012

Praise for The Social Media Marketing

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Praise for The Social Media Marketing

“The Zen of Social Media Marketing demystifies the wacky, yet immensely powerful new world of online conversational marketing and serves as a great primer to understand where to allocate your time, money, and energy. A great read for entrepreneurs, professionals, and small business.”
—JONATHAN FIELDS, Author of Career Renegade

“Building on a strong background of expert marketing advice, Shama has again produced a body of work that is at once complete and practical. This is a book that you can read quickly when you’re frustrated by what seems like endless contradictions of social media, and then referenced again and again as you develop your own sense of place on the social web. It is, after all, quite correctly titled The Zen of Social Media Marketing. I highly recommend this book.”
—DAVE EVANS, Social Media Strategist, and Author of Social Media Marketing: An Hour a Day

“Shama breaks down the ‘why’ and ‘how’ with easy-to-understand examples that can get you on the right track immediately... and ultimately grow your business.”
—JOE PULIZZI, Co-Author of Get Content. Get Customers, and Founder of Junta42

“Finally! A true authority on the subject of social media has broken through the utter noise of get-rich-quick-with-social-media hysteria. Shama takes the mystery and hype out of social media and gives readers a practical step-by-step action plan to start, grow, measure, expand, and optimize their online presence. It is a must-read for any marketing professional, C-level executive, or entrepreneur. Her conversational writing style, numerous case studies, and ‘how-to’ guides with screen shots make learning and implementing almost elementary. It will be required reading for all our clients.”
—JOE ABRAHAM, Founder and Managing Director at En Corpus Group, and Author of B.O.S.I. Entrepreneurship

“Ready for a true social marketing awakening? If so, be sure and take Shama Kabani’s The Zen of Social Media Marketing on your path to web enlightenment.”
—DEAN LINDSAY, Author of The Progress Challenge and Cracking the Networking CODE

“The Zen of Social Media Marketing is a comprehensive guide for maximizing the marketing opportunities from online networks. Shama Kabani helps you make the most of your efforts in marketing through a stronger knowledge of social media.”
—PENELOPE TRUNK, Founder of the Social Network Brazen Careerist

“Shama is hands-down the industry leader in social media marketing and creating buzz. She has a rare combination of social media savvy and law-of-attraction mastery that businesses clamor to find. It’s easy to see why she’s called the ‘Shaman of social media.’ She will transform your marketing and increase your sales. Listen to everything this luminary says.”
—SHAWNE DUPERON, Five-Time EMMY® Award Winner, ShawneTV

“The Zen of Social Media Marketing is for anyone that has ever felt overwhelmed by all of the online options available now for networking, socializing, and just plain being online in general! Shama breaks it down so that even the most social mediaphobes will be breathing sighs of relief at how simple she makes it all sound! Get this book today and be on your way to a stress-free online experience that you will groove and align with, thrive, and enjoy.”
—SALLY SHIELDS, Author of The DIL Rules