February 13, 2012

6-Steps to Ranking a Website Fast

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6-Steps to Ranking a Website Fast

SEO – how to get your site ranked high in Google’s search engine listing results:
  • Get quality, original content (and structure it the way Google wants)
  • Generate a handful of quality links
  • Generate some human activity so Google knows you’re real and not just a spammer

The “Ranking Triad” (PLUS the one element most so-called experts don’t know about):
  • Content (keywords, domain name, title tag, meta-tag, meta descriptions, site structure, etc.)
  • Links (inbound, outbound, authority etc.)
  • Activity (regular updated content, visitors, people interacting, how long people stay on your web page, likes, commenting)

Since the Google Caffeine Update, visitor interaction on your site is part of your ranking score

6-Step system for getting ranked FAST!

1. Write (or have someone else write):
  • 12 original articles
  • Each one optimized for your 12 most valuable keyword phrases and posted on a Wordpress blog
  • Your blog should be a mix of content and the MWR (most-wanted response), with elements of a squeeze page and conversion elements
  • Have your keyword phrase as the title of the article

2. Drive 30-50 QUALITY inbound links to your site:
  • From .gov and .edu sites
  • Stay away from automated tools
  • Find Authority Sites using FireFox Plug-In SEOQuake
  • Enter “Authority Codes” into Google
  • Sort based on PageRank and find relevant blog posts that allow commenting (and include a URL field)
  • Repeat for each “Authority Code”
  • Post a relevant, valuable comment with a link back to one of your article pages on your own blog

3. Activity:
  • Send some paid traffic to your blog
  • Blog at least 4 times a week for first 30 days
  • Dare your visitors to comment (ex. show me you’re alive)
  • Activity loops: drive email traffic back to your blog
  • Encourage RSS subscriptions etc.

4. Linking Phase 2
  • Drive 300-400 links back to your site via blog comments, directory submissions, social media profiles, press releases, article syndication (eZine articles), etc.

5. More Activity. If you’re ranking well, activity will take care of itself. If you start to slip, just send some social media and PPC traffic to your page and you’re back in business.

6. Linking Phase 3. Your content, linking, and activity foundations are all solid, so open the floodgates and get all the inbound links you can get, even if the links are low quality, or done with automatic linking tools.

Link2Link (Advanced Strategy):
  • Set up a bunch of web 2.0 properties that send links back to your site
  • Then with lower quality sites, use those links to point to the Web 2.0 sites (so they have good authority ranking)

Good luck out there.