February 1, 2011

Link Building and Research

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Link Building and Research

Find free links and learn of new link building opportunities from the competition.

  • Hub Finder - reviews sites that rank for a specific keyword/phrase and finds links that they have in common.

  • Link Harvester - analyze a websites backlinks to learn of new linking opportunities.

  • Solo SEO Link Search - use predefined search operators to identify sites that offer links submissions.

  • Dofollow Diver - search for niche blogs and post quality comments to get free a link.

  • Link Diagnosis - analyze a domains backlink data including the Page Rank and anchor text of the links.

  • Text Link Checker - see if your external links could be harmful to your website reputation.
Other Places to look for links...

directories, social bookmarking, forums, article submissions, Q&A sites, press releases, RSS syndication, etc.